Grief & Loss Counseling

We understand the importance and difficulty of grief. Because of that understanding, we offer free grief counseling to the families we serve and to anyone in our community. Our licensed and on-staff grief counselor holds both group and individual sessions, depending upon your needs. You may contact Amanda Nelsen, CMHC, at 801-718-1520 or at [email protected]

There are many different emotions after your loved one dies.

When a loved one dies, there are many tasks to complete, arrangements to make, and people to contact. You may find yourself surrounded by friends and family who offer support and condolences. Your grief may seem overwhelming but manageable. It is often weeks or months after a loss that your grief begins to seem more intense or, perhaps, even unmanageable. In situations like these, a grief counselor can help. A grief counselor can help you access programs, support groups, and counseling that will help you navigate your grief. With the help of a grief counselor, you and your family members can find your “new normal.”

What is grief?

Grief is a natural response to loss – any loss. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief may be. Anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, disbelief, and fear are all very common emotions that accompany grief.

When should I see a professional about my grief?

There is no “right time” to seek out professional help and many people never need it. If you are feeling worse as time goes on or if you just think it might be good to talk to someone – a caring professional can help you decide what bereavement services would be best for you.

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